A conversation on risk

Norton Rose Fulbright and McLaren Honda

What does risk mean to you? For a Grand Prix racing team it can mean managing a multitude of factors to get their drivers across that finish line. For businesses it means recognising external and internal vulnerabilities and managing them effectively to position themselves more competitively.

We wanted to find out what risk means to McLaren Honda and how they deal with it in the ever changing, ultra-competitive world of Grand Prix racing and compare this to the approach taken by someone working on the front line of managing risks for business in the legal profession. We spoke to Jonathan Neale and Mark Barnett from McLaren Honda, and Jane Caskey from Norton Rose Fulbright.

Part one: I am #RiskReady. Are you?

Part two: Are your employees #RiskReady?

Part three: Is speed the biggest risk?

Part four: You cannot cover all the risks, can you?

Part five: Compliance and regulation

Part six: Social media